Although all apps have detailed help pages, some functions can be described more in  detail in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

In this blog I will publish articles that explain the individual functions of the apps in more Detail.

My name is Theo Pitsch. I come from Germany, but live permanently in Thailand since 2006. In past lives I was an electronics developer and programmer. Actually, I had finished with my previous jobs and never wanted to do programming again. That changed, however, when amazingly powerful computer for everyone came  on the market with the first smartphones.

If I had worked previously with heart and soul on my online dictionary, now the time had come to make it available as an app.

Because I had no experience in mobile programming, I delegated the job to external programmers to make the first developments for Windows Mobile (2007),  Symbian (2008), Apple iOS (2009) and Android (2011). Then I had a look at the source code and incorporated minor changes here and there. Because that worked so well, I was tempted to go deeper into the matter. In 2010 Windows Mobile and Symbian were no longer of great importance. I then worked intensively with the iOS Programming and was able to publish the second version of the dictionary app by myself. Later, I did the programming for the vocabulary trainer and the reading trainer completely from scratch. 2012, I have also taken the Android programming, and brought out the vocabulary trainer for this operating system. Following incorporation in these two very different systems I have familiarized myself in 2014 with Windows Phone as another, again quite different structured system. At the end of that year the dictionary was done not only for Windows Phone 8.1, but also for the desktop Windows 8.1.

Meanwhile  the care of the apps and the dictionary data stock happened to be a full-time employment. And there is still no end in sight. Some of the new features in the dictionary are already visible now. Sometimes only a few items to test the feasibility (manual sorting of search results, example sentences, etc.) are included. However, in order to extend it to all the entries, I will still take a while.

So, Go for it!

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