Thai Numbers 0-9

ตัวเลข [tu:a-- le:k/\]

Occasionally you can see price tags in Thailand, at which prices are reported both in Thai and Arabic numerals. As difficult to avoid the suspicion that there are different prices for locals and farangs. Good for those who can read the Thai numbers…


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
ศูนย์ หนึ่ง สอง สาม สี่ ห้า หก เจ็ด แปด เก้า
[su:n\/] [neung\] [sa:wng\/] [sa:m\/] [si:\] [ha:/\] [hok\] [jet\] [bpae:t\] [ga:o/\]
Example: ๒๐๑๐ = 2010 (ค.ศ.) = ๒๕๕๓ = 2553 (พ.ศ.)





The Thai Numbers
In the Thai character set are also signs available for the specific characters 0-9. They are used in everyday life, but it becomes more and more usual to write Arabic numerals instead. Both spellings are familiar to every Thai.


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