Vocabulary Trainer
Vocabulary are trained through repetition. This is common to all learning methods. With this app, the reps are optimally controlled. From a small portion of the total vocabulary, named pool, words will be randomly selected and the translation displayed along with two also randomly selected false alternatives to choose from.
After a set number of correct answers a word is considered to be learned and removed from the pool. A new one moves up. Incorrect Answers reset the counter by two points. Therefore not learned words remain in the pool until they are successfully learned.

Learning vocabulary in a new way!

Why should vocabulary learning not be fun?
To learn thousands of Thai words easily, that was the goal in developing this truly innovative app.

The word list contains 5854 Thai words, sorted by relevance into 7 levels, and are trained sequentially.

Level 1 with 241 Words (Basics)
Level 2 with 861 Words (Elementary)
Level 3 with 1357 Words (Foundation 1)
Level 4 with 1045 Words (Foundation 2)
Level 5 with 1363 Words (Foundation 3)
Level 6 with 801 Words (Master 1)
Level 7 with 186 Words (Master 2)

ClickThai Vocabulary Trainer is available for:

iPhone und iPad




Out of the full word list, to learning words are placed one after the other in a pool of 100 words. These words are trained in context. The multiple choices are set only out of this part of the whole list. You are not confronted with words far from your learning level.

Functions in detail with screenshots:

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The different training modes should be used by each student. Set up independent users for yourself, each with a different training mode. Train them alternately. This way you have the most benefit from this app.