Thai-English Dict
The ClickThai Thai-English Dictionary was the first one for mobile devices specially made for non-Thais. Since the first version 2008, the audition of the Thai words and full offline functionality were aim of development. Since then, we have the practice oriented functions constantly expanded. Functions that are lacking in other apps up today.

In addition to a full-size dictionary ClickThai has a word-for-word translation for long thai texts, eg from SMS or Email. This requires a large vocabulary. ClickThai has it!

The memo function allows to make a collection of words that are needed for a particular situation in advance. For example, for an upcoming purchase or a doctor's visit.

Windows Phone

Large dictionaries of today look like these!

The ClickThai dictionary Thai-English can do more than was ever possible in a printed dictionary. It has a particularly rapid electronic search and all* Thai words ready to audition.
Actual Data:

Number of keywords which can be searched

88,438 Thai Words
82,204 English Words
80,055 Transcription Words


88,221 Thai words are currently set to sound*.

The app is available for your operating system:

iPhone and iPad
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Windows Mobile 8.1
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Windows 8.1 (Desktop)
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Functions in detail with screenshots:


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* Sometimes in a new version not all newly added Thai words are set to sound. The recordings are then delivered subsequently in one of the next updates.