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Input English or Thai word, or Thai sentence.
For Transcription type an asterisk (*) in front of the word.

About this dictionary

This free dict is based on the ClickThai dictionary with the vocabulary of the 2012 edition with 55,000 Thai words. The current app version, however, has 88,000 Thai words.

This online version is still maintained but will not be extended. So all the structural improvements in recent years to the data set have also been included in this version.

If the entered search term is longer than three characters and as a single word in the inventory, not only the direct hits are displayed, but also those words in which the search word is contained, or which are themselves contained in the search word.

In blue color displayed Thai words are backed by a sound file. You can audition as often as you want.

Search English
Type a single English word in the input field and click "Search".
Search Thai
Enter a single Thai word or a Thai phrase in the box and click on "Search". Thai phrases will be broken down into individual words with translation.
Search Transcription

For an transcription search please type an asterisk (*) in front of the the word. Enter a single word in a simplified transcription exactly as you hear it. Simplified transliteration means that there is no difference between short and long vowels or soft and hard versions is made for consonants. Always write only short vowels, dt as t, bp as p and the consonants K, P and T always without H.
For example, the Thai word for street (ถนน) is specified in the ClickThai transcription as "tha\ non\/". The transcription is simplified to "tanon", the hard consonant "th" becomes a simple "t". The information on the pitch are not specified.